ShihTzus and Havanese

Both Shih Tzus and Havanese are non-shedding, companion dogs that just want to be with their family. They respond well to training and consistency and love to cuddle on your lap as well as head to the outdoors.

Shih Tzu means: little lion, but there’s nothing fierce about this breed of dog. The Shih Tzu is a sweetheart, not a hunter. Bred solely to be a companion, the Shih Tzu is an affectionate, happy, outgoing housedog who loves nothing more than to follow his people from room to room. In recent years, however, owners have started taking the Shih Tzu off their laps and into dog sports, training him for obedience, and agility competitions.

Shih Tzu (pronounced SHEED Zoo, SHID Zoo, or SHEET Sue), is a small, regal dog with long, abundant locks, that require grooming; a face that melts many a heart; and a friendly attitude. The breed was originally kept by royal Chinese families during the Ming Dynasty.

The Shih Tzu personality is enormously appealing, and most find it hard to resist this breed. He loves nothing more than to meet and greet friends and strangers alike. Count on a Shih Tzu to make friends wherever he goes.

The Shih Tzu is sometimes called the Chrysanthemum Dog, a nickname that describes the way the hair on his face grows out in all directions — he looks like a flower with a nose for the center.

Legends regarding the Shih Tzu abound. One says that Buddha traveled with a little dog fitting the description of a Shih Tzu. As the story goes, one day, several robbers came upon the Buddha with the intent of robbing and murdering him. The little dog changed into a ferocious lion and scared off the robbers, saving Buddha’s life. The lion then turned back into a fun-loving little dog, which the Buddha picked up and kissed. The white spot on the heads of most Shih Tzus supposedly marks the place where Buddha kissed his loyal friend.

The Havanese dog breed has won many admirers with his long, silky hair, expressive eyes, and cuddly size. Bred as a companion dog to the Cuban aristocracy in the 1800s, he’s earned the nickname “Velcro dog” because he sticks so closely to his owner’s side. But don’t write him off as just a lapdog; the Havanese is trainable and surprisingly energetic, and has excelled in dog sports and canine careers ranging from circus performer to assisting the handicapped.




  1. Leslie says:

    You were lovely enough to let us adopt “Asha” from you 2 years ago for my elderly mom. They are both madly in love with each other – and we can’t thank you enough! Love that little Schih Tzu. I know you don’t breed them anymore – but we are keeping our eyes out for a puppy of our own. I seem to have lost your email – can you let us know if you have any mixed breed puppies that would come close to her?


    1. Hello,

      I’m so glad Asha has a loving home! We do have a litter of Havatz poodle pups if you’re interested. 541-248-4910


  2. Sammy Rho says:

    Hello there. I would love to get in contact with you. We have one of your fabulous dogs and love her so much.


  3. Thank you for your interest in our darling puppies. You can see our available puppies on our website We currently have Havacavatzu and Havatzu puppies


  4. Hello,
    This is Kathie and I adopted Quincy. I wanted you to know he is a great dog. He is smart and funny and we are having a wonderful time getting to know each other. He is so loved and he is happy. I’m so I happy too.

    I wanted to say thank you and let you know we are doing great!

    Liked by 1 person

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