Recommended Supplies

Blue Buffalo puppy food or a high quality food that includes Taurine (important for their heart health).

I recommend both wet and dry food for the first few weeks they’re transitioning to their new home. We feed the puppy Chicken and Brown Rice Blue Buffalo puppy food.

Doggie doorbell

Car seatbelt and harness for dog

Bully sticks

Chew toys

Metal puppy playpen approximately 24 long x19x18

Harness and harness leash

Treats (small bits of cheese work great)

Doggie bed

Snuggle puppy: one happy owner reported her pup sleeping thru the night with this Snuggle puppy!

“Hi! Wanted to share a few pics of Oliver and let you know that he is doing great! We bought the snuggle puppy for him and ever since he has been doing so much better in his crate at night. He is such a sweet and goofy boy.”

Pet grooming scissors

Nail clippers – I use regular toe nail clippers for people

Andis Ultra Edge or Wahl pet clippers, I like the 1 in clippers for puppy cut, otherwise, plan for periodic grooming appointments

Puppy pads – for those times you aren’t available to take pup to potty outside.

Small, squeaky tennis ball is a great website to order supplies from