We now have two puppies from Perkins Puppies!  Our female black Havapoo has been with us for a year now and is a love.  She has been so much a treat that we decided to get her a little brother.  We just picked up our little black and white Havazu poodle mix.  He is adorable!  The two of them are doing great together and we are looking forward to lots of fun and enjoyment for years with our fur babies! – Paul and Pat Duke
                              A happy owner loves taking her dog biking! Her husband ordered the dog carrier as a gift for her. I just love getting photos like these!

We’ve had our puppy, Zuko, now for just about a year. We absolutely love him! He has made a fantastic companion dog. We regularly get comments on how he looks and how adorable he is. Because of the way he was raised as a pup, he loves being around children and families. He has such a positive and friendly attitude and we know that this is from how he was nurtured since day one.

Working with Ruth was a great experience. Highly responsive, she worked with us to get time to visit with a litter of pups to choose one for us and was very knowledgeable with any questions we had. She provided us with all the key info we needed about our dog’s health records as we brought him into our family.

We look forward to the many years of having Zuko in our lives and the countless nights on the couch having him curled up on our laps with us. Worth every penny! We couldn’t be happier with our pooch and we’d highly recommend anyone to work with Ruth to find your next furry member of the family!

⁃ Justin & Amber

One family, from Alaska, enjoyed their Shih Tzu so much than they adopted another the following year!

“The vet was really impressed with how healthy he is.
She said he has great gums and teeth, excellent skin, and his heart rate was nice and steady, no murmurs or irregular heart sounds.
She was impressed with how calm and sweet he is.
Even with dogs barking and the usual strange sounds and smells of other animals behind the scenes at the vet office, Cubby’s pulse and heart rate were low & steady – very healthy

Thank you so much for your prompt response, Ruth.

You’re the best!”

“I wanted to give you an update on our wonderful baby girl. We chose the name Lilly. We chose the name Lilly because her coat reminds us of a black lilly. Beautiful and silky smooth.

From the day she arrived at our house she has been comfortable . . .
She has been such a blessing to our family. The week following Lilly’s arrival our 14 year old black lab decided her days with us had come to pass. Without Lilly we would have a tremendously more difficult time.
Her personality is so cute. When tired she wants to cuddle. When she is playful she has started this tiny ferocious bark that is absolutely hilarious!
She has learned to ring a bell at both the back door or front door to be let out to use the bathroom.
We are just so in love with her.”

This is Kathie and I adopted Quincy. I wanted you to know he is a great dog. He is smart and funny and we are having a wonderful time getting to know each other. He is so loved and he is happy. I’m so I happy too.

I wanted to say thank you and let you know we are doing great!”

“Just wanted to let you know that Coda is doing great! She still loves to
chomp on everything and only has about one accident/day indoors.

After booster shot last week, she had her first chance to go for a walk and
she LOVES it! So many new things to discover.”

Good morning Ruth,
Thought I would send you some pictures of Roxie. We changed her name as she’s more a Roxie than a Hope. Haha I can’t tell you how much joy she has brought us. She is the smartest dog we have ever owned and such a love. She’s pretty much potty trained, sleeps through the night on my pillow, and plays fetch. Loves to play and full of energy.
She took her first walk on a leash yesterday. No problem. She got her final shot Friday and weighs 8lbs. Just wanted to let your daughter know, Patches, is doing great. Fondly, Elaine”

“Ollie has made us happy. We are so happy. I remember when we brought him home and surprised our kids. They could not believe he was real! he looked like a toy. He is so cute, playful, and calm. A great match for us!” – Lori

“Gizmo gets his first grooming tomorrow & I almost hate to see him get cut . . . His hair is so beautiful! He is just a lover . . . we adore him! He just blesses us every day.” – Perri

“Today is Jake’s 1st birthday! I couldn’t let this occasion go by without reaching out to you with an update on his life. I’ve attached some picture from recent months. They show him in various stages of his hair cut! Jake has been an amazing addition to our family. Even though he was my birthday present, its my husband who has REALLY bonded with him. Don’t get me wrong, I have a very strong bond with him too, but it’s like he and my husband have always been together. Jake is such a loving soul. He’s sweet and smart. He is a beautiful dog. Anyway…I just wanted to say thank you, once again, for enabling us to have this wonderful little creature in our lives. He’s brought us much joy and we hope we get many, many more years of his companionship.” – Tammy

Hi Ruth….I’ve had my wonderful dog for 2 years, and continually appreciate the care he received his first 2 months. Give your kids a special thanks from me, and from him.
Zorro hikes everyday day, about 6 to 12 miles, and often with dog friends. This is our favorite trail OSU going into my tree farm. Everyone loves him, and he loves them, but is VERY attached to me (I feed him and he sleeps with me and our cat). He’s wonderfully social. My grand kids adore him.
I always give you and your family “kudos” –
thanks so much, again, for his early care, breeding, etc. He’s beautiful